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The casa do pastel

(House of Pastel) came about from the desire and the need to present and serve a freshly prepared pastel, fried to order, with quality ingredients, as we find in the best pastel stores and markets in Brazil, as well as the desire to introduce to the American market this unequaled delicacy of the Brazilian cuisine. With these two well-defined goals, we opened our store in September 2007.

Pastel is a dish that
pleases everyone!

Regardless of the filling, with a delicious crunchy crust, pastel is a tasty and unique food, which can replace any meals, any time of the day or night, accompanied by an ice cold Brazilian sugarcane juice, fruit juices or soft drinks.  Being of a controversial origin, no one knows for sure whether the Japanese, Portuguese or Chinese were the ones who introduced it to the Brazilian cuisine.  However, we can say with certainty that, with an unlimited variety of flavors, baked or fried, salty or sweet, pastel is a dish for all tastes and occasions.

Come in, taste it, and delight yourself,
because the pastel is one more
treat that is here to stay!

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